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What Is A Fever Blister? Why Do You Get One?

Fever Blisters



It is surprising how many people suffer from fever blisters on a regular basis. Fever blisters are also known as cold sores which is another name for the same condition. The truth is that these are much more common than they used to be, and that is the direct result of the spread of the herpes simplex virus type one. There is no cure for this virus and it is easily spread from person-to-person in a variety of ways, so more people than ever before now carry this virus.

For most people with herpes simplex virus type one (HSV-1), there are no symptoms other than the occasional fever blister. But the threat of having a breakout is enough to really change a person’s life, alter their perception of themselves and shake their confidence.

When you are always at risk of breaking out in blisters, it is as if you cannot plan ahead and that can make your life exceptionally miserable if there is no end in sight.

 Why Do You Get Fever Blisters?

The underlying reason is due to the presence of HSV-1. You probably have had this virus for most of your life. If you think back to when you had your first fever blister, that would give you some idea as to how long you have been infected.

Many people find that they are more apt to get fever blisters when they are tired, under a great deal of stress or simply not getting proper nutrition. The good news is that this means simply by making changes in your life, you can reduce, and even completely prevent the recurrence of a fever blister even though you cannot get rid of the underlying virus.

 What Kind Of Treatments Really Work?

One of the interesting things about fever blisters is that you will notice a tingling sensation in the area of the outbreak, usually a day or so before it happens. In general, most people who get fever blisters or cold sores will have some type of topical ointment at home in their medicine cabinet just in case their lip begins to itch or burn.

This tingling will often give you a warning to start treating the area with your chosen topical salve. The down side is, that it’s already too late and you cannot stop the fever blister from occurring. The best you can do, at that point, is try to minimize it and get rid of it ASAP.

In addition to topical treatments which tend to be an after the fact treatment, there are prescription medications that can help slow down fever blisters from happening on a regular basis. While these may work for some people, they usually have a variety of negative side effects that go along with them, and they can also be very expensive to take in the long term.

If you can adopt a program to prevent the occurrences altogether, that seems to be the best of all the available solutions, according to a growing number of former fever blister sufferers.

 What Else Should You Know?

If you have been looking for a way to eliminate fever blisters from your life, then you probably already realize that you will need to do more than simply use an over-the-counter product or multiple prescription medications that only treat the symptoms. In order to eliminate them from your life, you will need to find something that treats the underlying causes and triggers.

One such solution is called Cold Sore Free Forever, and according to the company this is the leading resource for people who suffer from cold sores and fever blisters. This program was designed by a fellow sufferer and is a way to help you reduce the symptoms of herpes, so that you no longer have to worry about recurring fever blisters.

 Can This Eliminate HSV-1?

The truth is that you will never be able to get rid of the herpes simplex virus because there is no cure – but, what you can do, is eliminate the recurrences of the symptoms. There are some very simple changes you can make in your diet and your lifestyle that will heal your existing fever blisters and cold sores quickly and make sure that they do not return.

This is a real blessing for people who regularly have outbreaks of cold sores or fever blisters.

 Where Can You Order Cold Sore Free Forever?

The only place that this product is available is online from the official website. When you order the product, you will also get a variety of free materials including seven bonus e-books to help you live a healthier life.

Cold Sore Free Forever is sold with a 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you at all. If you don’t find that this program helps you put a permanent end to your fever blisters, then you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Whether you get one fever blister a year or cold sores appear anytime you are under stress, Cold Sore Free Forever can help you live your life confident that they will not return.

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